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UTV Tire Kits

MSA Diesel Wheel Kit With 26" Moto Grip Tires
Smooth rolling tire, Low rolling resistance, Good lateral bite, Solid street performance
Good on long rides with hardpack conditions
Available in 26x9-14 front and 26x11-14 rear or 26x9-15 front and 26x11-15 rear

Diesel Wheels
The M12 Diesel by Motosport Alloys is a first for a couple reasons. This is the first wheel in our line up to carry the MSA bolt on cap. Caution as this wheel will create “double-takes” on the trail by others admiring this incredible design.
Bolt on MSA Cap
14" or 15” Wheels
Available black
Lightweight virgin aluminum alloy used in Low Pressure Casting for high luster & low porosity
Lifetime structural warranty

Complete kit includes:
4 tires
4 wheels
4 center caps
16 lug nuts
Mounted and ready to install
Sale Price:$899.95
STI HD2 Wheel Kit W/Black Diamond XTR Tires
The newest addition from STI is the ultra rugged HD2 wheel kit with Black Diamond XTR tires.

Black Diamond: Cross Terrain Radial
-Delivering crossover performance.
-The tire for all seasons.
-Innovative "V" tread pattern bridges the gap between mud/snow/sand and hard pack surface performance.
-Unique over-center tread elements provide a smooth, controlled ride on hardpack, while offering excellent clean-out in soft conditions.
-Specifically developed 6-ply radial carcass delivers the stability needed for SideBySide / UTV applications, while retaining the plush ride characteristics.
-Extended wear tread compound retains biting edges longer and greatly increases tire life.
- 1-1/8" Tread Depth
-All kits come complete mounted with lug nuts (set of 4)

Wheels sizes available: 12" and 14"
Tire sizes available: 25", 26" and 27"

Sale Price:$799.95
ITP 14" XTR Radial / SS108 Wheel Kit (black)
The new ITP Mudlite XTR Radial tires on ITP SS108 black aluminum wheels are the one of the newest releases from ITP for your utility vehicle.When the 27-inch Mud Lite XTR tire is paired with the 14x7 SS108 wheel, you get the single biggest upgrade you can make to today's popular sport/utility ATVs. That's because of the Mud Lite XTR Kit's much lower tire profile, which reduces sidewall flex and the mushy feeling associated with a typical 12-inch tire/wheel combination. Just bolt it on and you'll realize a whole new level of steering control and cornering precision, without sacrificing comfort thanks to the tire's radial construction. Developed and tested on the latest independent rear suspension ATV models, the 14-inch Mud Lite Kit delivers a dramatic improvement in handling, ride, traction, braking and durability.

Kit includes Lug nuts and center caps

Tire size - Front 27"X9"-14" Rear 27"X11"-14"

** Rear wheel spacers are required for this wheel kit.
Sale Price:$999.95
ITP 14" Terracross Tire / SS112 Wheel Kit
ITP is proud to introduce the all-new, 14-inch TerraCross R/T, the new standard in utility vehicle trail tires. The ITP TerraCross R/T utilizes radial construction for an ultra-smooth ride, significantly enhancing operator comfort and confidence on hard-pack surfaces. And with its unique, interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint, the TerraCross R/T also delivers exceptional traction and flotation, making it ideal for mud, snow and sand. Another TerraCross R/T exclusive is its wrap-around shoulder lug design, which provides excellent sidewall protection and grip when navigating trails with large ruts or rocks. And despite its super-tough 6-ply construction, the TerraCross R/T is surprisingly light in weight-you won't find a lighter 14-inch tire/wheel combo anywhere. It's the best of all worlds: highly capable and reliable in loose and rugged conditions, yet smooth and sure-footed on smoother terrain!

ITP gets the 2007 season started in high style with the introduction of the all-new SS Alloy wheel line. Manufactured through ITP's high-tech Advancecast process, the 12-spoke SS112 not only bring a new level of sophisticated good looks, they have proven in testing to be the strongest and lightest one-piece aluminum wheels on the market today. SS Alloys have shown to be so durable, in fact, that ITP rolls these wheels out with a lifetime structural warranty: if you bend or break it, ITP will replace it!

All Kits come mounted ready to install with center caps and lug nuts

Tire Sizes:
Front - 26X9-14
Rear - 26X11-14
Sale Price:$999.95
ITP 14" Terracross Tire / SS108 Wheel Kit
Specially-designed 14-inch sizes make the TerraCross R/T the new standard in utility vehicle (RZR, Rhino) trail tires.
Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and flotation.
Ideal for mud, snow and sand.
Radial construction offers a much smoother ride and greater overall control, enhancing operator confidence.
Surprisingly light in weight; you won't find a lighter 14-inch tire/wheel combo anywhere.
6-ply construction provides unmatched durability.
The wrap-around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails.

Specific front/rear 14-inch sizing provides precise fitment and makes the most of 26-inch radial tire performance.
Heavy-duty 14-inch side-by-side UTV applications rated at 650 lbs.
Lifetime structural warranty! If you bend or break it, we will replace it!
Custom SS wheel cap comes standard.
The SS108 uses a bright, diamond-cut machined finish with black accents and clear-coat protection.
conveniently pre-mounted, carefully matched tire/wheel kits.
** This wheel kit requires rear wheel spacers.
Sale Price:$999.95



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