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UTV Parking Brakes

EMP RZR Auxiliary Parking Brake

Fits: 2008+ RZR, RZR-S, and RZR-4
Avoid damage to your transmission that is common using only the stock parking brake. The stock parking brake locks your transmission making it very hard to get out of park when on an incline. This simple parking brake linkage can be added to your RZR to make disengaging from park very easy. It simply uses a cam style lock to hold front and rear brakes on, eliminating transmission damage. Simply, bolt on in minutes. No drilling required. It is designed to be used in addition to your stock parking brake.Allows for adjustment and your brake pads wear. The bracket in the picture is Powder Coated Blue but you will receive a black bracket.

Part#: 10777 RZR Brake    Sale Price:$119.99                 
EMP Polaris RZR "Anti-Theft" Shift Lock

Stop your RZR from being stolen with the EMP "Anti-Theft" Shift lock. Now, you can lock your RZR into park with your own padlock of choice.
Powder Coated- Texture Black.
Includes: Mounting Hardware.
Allows you to lock your RZR in the park position.
Fits: all years and model RZR.
Pictured powder coated Yellow for visibility. Your actual parts will be texture black.

Part#: 10680      Sale Price:$64.99   
Trail Armor RZR and RZRS Brake Lock Parking Brake Assist

Ever parked on a hill and can't get your RZR out of park? This complete parking brake kit allows you to switch the brake lock on, apply pressure to the brake pedal and shift in and out of park on an incline without damaging your transmission.

Comes with brake lock, switch, wiring harness, mounting hardware and instructions Easy install

Part#:  TARZRBRAKELOCK     Retail:$



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