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Zinger 7'6"

Design Notes
"This board is an out growth from the Bonzer (a twinfin Bonzer if you will). An all around fun board, VERY FAST and loose, paddles well and surfs much smaller than the measure." - Mike Eaton

•Height: 7'6"
•Nose: 15 1/2"
•Width: 21 5/8"
•Tail: 14"
•Thickness: 3 1/4"
•Fins Included: 6" + Eaton Twin

Sale Price:$750
Classic 9'0"

Design Notes
"The Bonzer concept was invented by the Cambell brothers in 1970 and is based on the venturi principle. I have been making and refining Bonzers steadily [over 15,000 of them] since 1971. The channels and side fins direct water flow through the narrow venturi causing a low pressure area. Higher pressure water under your feet is now drawn to the low pressure area. Energy normally lost to the side is now thrust off the tail (due to the increase in velocity in the venturi) = punch!"
"I have been making this board for essentially unchanged for 30 years. It works!" -Mike Eaton

•Height: 9'0"
•Nose: 18"
•Width: 23 1/4"
•Tail: 14 3/8"
•Thickness: 3 1/8"
•Fins Included: 6" + Eaton Single

Sale Price:$850
Recreational SUP 14'0"

Design Notes
"This paddleboard is just what the name implies, good fun." - Mike Eaton

•Height: 14'0"
•Nose: 13 5/8"
•Width: 21 1/2"
•Tail: 7"
•Thickness: 6 5/8"
•Fins Included: Single 4"x9"

Sale Price:$1315
Race SUP 14'0"

Design Notes
This paddleboard represents the best of my racing designs and is a great all around performer, very fast." - Mike Eaton

•Height: 14'0"
•Nose: 7 1/8"
•Width: 19 13/16"
•Tail: 7 3/8"
•Thickness: 7 7/8"
•Fins Included: Single 4"x9"

Sale Price:$1315


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