Automotive  &  Auto Racing  Portable Wheel Alignment and
Chassis Setup Equipment

Made In USA

3 Laser 4 Wheel Alignment Laser Wheel Alignment System

You can do a FOUR wheel alignment using the vehicle centerline!!

This is the fastest easiest way to setup a Two or Four Wheel Alignment.

10 Times FASTER than string wheel alignments!

No strings to setup, or bump out of position.

No heavy Jack stands or other heavy car parts to "weight the string alignment system".

THIS Is the SAME SYSTEM  we use here at our Shop.



ART is the world leading manufacturer and custom designer of portable laser and electronic two and four wheel alignment tool, gauge and inspection equipment used for motorsports and automotive garages. They are the FIRST pioneers of laser technology used in motor sports and unsurpassed to this day. They are the only company able to supply total portable 4 wheel alignment gauge, tool, equipment and chassis setup equipment for full size race cars, racing karts, ATV, and even snowmobiles.  They cover all forms of racing such as NASCAR, Indycar, Champ Car, SCCA, NHRA, Drifting, Stock car, Autocross and many more.

ART is also the only company world wide with custom design service. They are responsible for implementation of many special laser applications used by organizations such as Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) technical inspection which includes every CART race team, CART Indylights inspection, CART Toyota Atlantic inspection, Mercedes/AMG, Daimler/Chrysler and majority of the top NASCAR teams.

Item Name Current Price

Full Size Race Car Gauges

Granite & Laser Scale Leveler $ 259.95

Dream Stick String Toe Gauge $ 79.95

Laser Toe Angle Gauge $ 789.95
. . . carrying case $ 189.95

Laser Bump Steer Gauge $ 259.95

Laser String $ 699.95
. . . carrying case $ 129.95

Laser String II "Triple Laser" $ 2549.95

Laser Toe Plates $ 419.95

Digital Ride Height $ 199.95

Digital Ride Height Case $ 49.95

Smart Camber without hands free $ 214.95

Smart Camber with hands free $ 259.95
. . . carrying case $ 74.95

Automotive Gauges

Laser Toe II $ 985.00
. . . carrying case $ 189.00

Pro Smart Camber $ 435.00
...Truck Adaptor to 28" wheels $ 59.95
. . . carrying case $ 129.00

Portable Alignment Car Stands (set of 4 ) $ 3800.00

Karting Gauges

Pro K-Laser Toe Angle Gauge $ 399.95
. . . carrying case N/A
Zero Toe Gauge & Rear Axle Alignment Fixture $ 179.95
SmartCamber II $ 199.95
Portable Setup Pad $ 399.95