Escort Entourage CIS

Entourage CIS FeaturesESCORT Entourage CIS powered by Blackline GPS
GPS-based Vehicle Security And Protection Where & When It Counts

Protect, share and connect with ESCORT® Entourage™ CIS, the most effective permanently installed vehicle protection system, combining always-on GPS tracking with instant mobile text message and web alerts, motion-sensing technology and the exclusive GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service option, should your vehicle be stolen. Enjoy maximum security and convenience with the MyPass™ key fob that automatically arms and disarms the CIS. Maximum location awareness lets you share your vehicle's movements with people you know. And ultimately, experience maximum peace-of-mind knowing that you own the one vehicle security system that provides you with an unequaled extra layer of assurance for the things you value most.

Maximum security and convenience
Entourage CIS automatically disarms when your MyPass™ key fob is present and arms when you leave. If Entourage CIS detects tampering while you are away, or your vehicle leaving its automatically-created GPS security perimeter, it instantly alerts you through text message and e-mail.

Maximum location awareness
Advanced sharing technology takes you beyond mere GPS tracking by allowing you to share your vehicle's location and security features with people you know. Plus, you can track your vehicle's precise location from your private, web-based Network Account, Blackberry® smartphone, or browser-enabled mobile phone-all in real-time.

Maximum personalization
Your private web-based Network Account allows you to set all your security preferences - and change them at any time. Select your security parameters, choose icons for your multiple devices, check your vehicle's speed and direction on interactive maps, and even see where your vehicle has been in the previous six months.

Maximum Recovery and Monitoring 24/7
Entourage CIS is the first vehicle security device available at retail that features the optional GPS Recovery & Monitoring Service. If your vehicle is stolen, you can rest assured that you'll be notified both by text message and a phone call from a real person. Every effort will be made to recover your vehicle as quickly as possible-and with the minimum amount of damage.

Learn More About the Optional GPS Recovery and Monitoring Service

Maximum Ease-of-installation
The intelligent design of Entourage CIS makes it easy and affordable to install by any professional automotive dealer, automotive installer or leading automotive service chain.

Maximum Peace-of-mind
Unparalleled features, unmatched performance and unequaled attention to the ownership experience make the Entourage CIS the smartest choice in security, location awareness, recovery and monitoring for your vehicle.

What's in the box
ESCORT Entourage CIS comes complete with a quick start guide, 1 MyPass™ key fob, and complete hardwire kit.

SALE PRICE:  $399.95
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