Leo Vince Dirt & ATV Exhaust

LeoVince has consistently pushed the industry forward with new processes, incredible engineering and top shelf materials, but the goal of maximizing performance remain much the
same. Today all of LeoVince's latest generation X3 exhaust systems provide smooth, linear power that's easy to put to the ground. They also allow you to ride anywhere with an
incredible sound level of only 94dB or below (passes the strict FIM & NEW AMA two meter max sound test). Every X3 exhaust system comes with a USFS-approved spark
arrestor, 50-hour DuraPaq™ composite packing, sound inserts when needed, and even come with a wash plug and spring puller. It's just another way LeoVince
delivers in the off-road sector.

The LeoVince X3 Motocross/Supermoto full systems define the high technological levels that can be achieved in the design and construction of motocross exhausts. Both the header
pipes and the muffler are made constructed from the highest grade Titanium utilized in exhaust construction and are chamber welded in order to guarantee reduced weight, improved
balance, and the highest level of durability. All new generation X3 systems test at 94dB or less and pass both the FIM & NEW AMA two-meter max sound test. Get the same
system trusted by factories and top motocross competitors worldwide