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What are Tire Warmers?

Electrically powered heaters that are designed to wrap around your tires so that they are brought up to operating temperature BEFORE you start the race.  Greatly Decreasing your chances of a 1st turn crash do to cold tires.  Tire Warmers can save you thousands from just ONE Crash.

What forms of racing are applicable for Tire Warmers?

Most popular is road racing for motorcycles and cars although we have made Tire warmers for flat-track, drag racing and even moto-cross.

Go Fast

Hot rubber grips the track surface better since not only does the co-efficent of friction increase, but the Tire’s ability to form the track surface through "mechanical keying" is increased

Set Hot Pressures

CHR Tire Warmers will get your tires surface AND carcass into the proper temperature range (same as you’ll see on the track). Set the Tire Warmers to the temperature you anticipate seeing on the track, allow them to "heat-soak" for an hour and set the Hot Pressure. When you hit the track, there will be minimal change. Getting your Hot Tire Pressure set on the Tire Warmers gets you going right away

Choose your Compound

When selecting which dry compound tire to run, the tire warmers can open up some options. For example a driver is torn between two compounds; tempted to use the softer one for the grip in the early laps, but concerned it may not make it race distance. By using the tire warmers the harder of the two choices can be used so that no disadvantage is present during the opening laps and the tire will last the entire track session or race.

Save Heat Cycles

When tires are heated & then cooled, a change occurs that can be seen, measured and felt. On some tires you can actually see a blue haze form over the tire as some "oils" migrate to the surface and oxidation occurs. On other tires one might observe much drier grayish haze depending on individual tire composition. Putting the tire though these hot to cold cycles reduces the tires grip, hardens the rubber and reduces its useful life. A tire warmer can keep tires hot or simply warm between track sessions and reduce the amount of heat cycles a tire goes through. If the tire is to see more than one track session it makes sense not to allow that tire to cool all the way to ambient; this can extend how many sessions the tire can perform at near maximum grip. By operating in this manner the tire’s grip life can be increased

"Heat Cycle" at home

Many tire brands recommend heat cycling the tire and then waiting a period of time before using the tire again (usually 24 hours). This assists in having the same compound tire be more durable once the chemicals become active and the tire is more "settled" on a molecular level. Tire Warmers let you perform "heat cycles" at your shop prior to leaving for the track



Right Front:
Left Front:
Right Rear:
Left Rear:



(Includes 4 Digital Thermostats)

This is the Mac-Daddy of all warmers!

  • Temperature Adjustable with Solid State Micro-Processor and Digital Display
  • See actual tire temperature while the warmer runs. Most accurate available on the market.
  • Use to set your Hot Tire Pressures BEFORE you hit the track!
  • Temperature set point is changed with the push of a button- Range up to 212 degrees F.
  • Use higher temps to get ready to hit the track & lower temps for saving Heat Cycles in between track sessions. Safely heat rain tires and different compounds
  • Hard Case - this camcorder style case is blow-molded and impact resistant.
  • Foam Filled hard case for the Digital Controllers

Sale Price -  $1897   

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The most durable warmers in the paddock are easiest/fastest to take on and off and have raised the bar once again.

  • Fast and effective heat up, even on cold days- Temperature set at 175 F
  • Melt-Proof inner liner (with heat sensitive dye to show mis-use or mal-function)
  • Operating Light- RED shows when heating and GREEN when full temp is reached
  • Dupont Nomex/Kevlar Insulation to keep the heat in and set Hot Pressures- Heat the entire carcass deep down
  • Built Tough - Codura Exterior & high impact temperature controllers, full coverage Heating Elements
  • QUALITY & PRICE - designed & built in the USA, these warmers are 2nd to none and is one of the most economically priced!
  • Built and serviced in house

Custom sizes are available. Please contact Chicken Hawk Racing directly.

**This model includes the accessories shown

Sale Price -  $1497 



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