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 Penske Racing Auto  Shocks
& Race Suspension

“The Penske Advantage”
Penske Racing Shocks (PRS) produces the finest shock absorber components available. Penske Racing Shocks entire business is professional racing. It is not an advertising venue or R&D test bed for large volume OE supplier products. It is Penske Racing Shocks core business and Penske Racing Shocks passion. When you deal with a company whose only product is racing suspension components, you have a distinct advantage in response, quality, delivery, and an understood “it-has-to-be-right-the-first-time” mode of operation. Additionally, no shock absorber company enjoys the success PRS has in so many forms of racing for so long. Winners and champions in all levels of professional motorsport chose PRS for their advantage and have done so for over 20 years. Countless championships have been won on Penske Racing Shocks in Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, Touring Car, Sports Car, Short Track, Drag Racing, Snowmobiles, Motorcycle, and ATV racing to name a few. We continue to innovate and invent new components to give Penske Racing Shocks customers an advantage in their specific form of racing. Customer feedback is valuable to PRS employees to insure their needs are being met and that they believe they are receiving what they need to boost confidence in the car or on the bike. Additionally,  at-track and factory based service and support is second to none. You will see familiar faces at many professional motorsport events week in and week out that are there to assist you with getting the most from your Penske Racing Shock. And when you are not at the race track, factory representatives are available to assist with technical support, parts orders, and service. Penske Racing Shocks prompt and courteous staff is highly trained in diagnosing your issue or helping you with any requests.

PRS Damper Philosophy
Regarding the PRS damping philosophy, which has remained tried and true over the years and a distinct performance advantage, we believe in “piston-centric” damping. What this means is that the majority of damping forces are produced at and damper characteristics defined by the main piston in the damper. The main piston is directly fixed to the damper rod which is most cases is fixed to the rocker, swing arm, or wishbone. This direct connection is the most efficient coupling of the tire to the shock absorber. And, as the tire and shock absorber performance are directly related, the more efficient this connection, the better performance and driver feel one has. When the piston rod moves, there is immediately flow through the piston thus immediate control of the suspension. When solid pistons are used to pump fluid to remote adjusters and blow-off valves which control the damping forces, as is the case with some other damper manufacturer designs, the response is decreased as this direct connection to the suspension is lost. We feel this is Penske Racing Shocks advantage and is the proper and most efficient method to achieve damping.

Every Penske Racing Shocks product has the finest materials and manufacturing standards applied. Penske Racing Shocks motivated and innovative engineering staff relies on current and existing technologies for production of components while constantly researching new processes that improve the end product. Apart from in-house machining, we have aerospace quality machine shops throughout the United States that help them in producing their components. When you buy a Penske Racing Shock, we are proud to state that you have a product that is Made in the U.S.A.

A Truly “Custom” Product
Penske Racing Shocks modest size is Penske Racing Shocks biggest advantage when going head to head against their competitors. With a staff of 30 employees, we can move quickly from sketched ideas on paper to fully working custom race quality dampers in weeks and not months. Additionally, every standard Penske Racing Shock is hand-built to order. We seldom stock complete shocks on the shelf as it is another part of Penske Racing Shocks philosophy to make a truly custom component tailored to the customer’s needs. When a customer makes a large investment in their suspension, it should be exactly what they want without compromise. It is because of this capability that we enjoy a large market share in Formula 1 as well as with aftermarket car builders who require custom dampers for their application.

Therefore, we hope you join the long list of successful customers who realize the importance of quality, performance, and technical support when investing in racing dampers. It is Penske Racing Shocks goal and their focus to create the finest dampers for any application in the world in a timely fashion. Absolutely no one does this better than Penske!





PS-7500 (Double adjustable Coil Over)-     Starting @ $565/ea  &  up
PS-75NA/SA (Single Adjustable) for Specific for Corvette C5 & C6 – Popular with track day, time attack, and street.        Starting @ $535/ea  &  up
PS-8300 (Double adjustable)- A bit higher end track day or track only car. Some high-end street applications go for this.     Starting @ $825/ea  &  up
PS-8760  (Remote or Piggy-back Triple Adjustable)- Mostly purpose built track day or race car. Some very high end street, Ferrari, Lambo.   Starting @ $1379/ea  &  up

Please call or E-Mail  for Specific Setups.



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