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997/997S Carrera 2005-2008

997/997S Carrera 2005-2008
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997 Sport Headers

Fabspeed's equal-length 997 Sport headers provide improved torque and equalized engine pulsing thanks to CNC mandrel-bent primary tubes.
-Fits all Porsche 997 Carrera vehicles 2005-2008
-Improves horsepower and torque by 15 whp and 12 ft-lbs
-Saves 2 lbs from the rear of the vehicle
-One piece CNC mandrel-bent primary tubes provide maximum uninterupted flow
-F1-style merge collectors provide optimized exhaust scavenging
-Direct replacement for the factory headers on all 997 Carreras
-Simple DIY bolt-on installation
-All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty
997 Sport Catalytic Converter X-Pipe --

-Fits all 997 Vehicles 2005-2008
-997 Sports racing catalytic converters give a HORSEPOWER and TORQUE gain to all 997 cars. High Quality T304 SS C.N.C. mandrel bent tubing for maximum exhaust flow.
-High Flow sports racing catalytic converters for less restriction and more power and more sports car sound. Fits all cars worldwide. Porsche factory warranty.
-Simple bolt-on direct replacement sports cats for the factory OEM Porsche catalytic converters.
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997 Maxflo Competition Air Intake

-Fits all 997 Vehicles 2005-2008
-Dyno proven and verified + HP and + ftlb torque gains. Power increased all across the RPM band. You can easily feel the power in the seat of your pants.
-Major increase in throttle response and driveability.
-Highest increased airflow of any air-intake systems offered for these cars. 90mm 3.5” thin wall carbon fiber tubing with highflow airfilter.
-Cold Air professional race quality systems for all Porsche 997 streetcars and drivers education and GRAND-AM professional race cars.
-System comes with carbon fiber heat shield and all parts for a doit-yourself installation
-Compliments any other bolt-on modifications.
-On a stock 997 makes the car sound very sporty and sound great.

ALL NEW DESIGN setup is now, just like the Turbo and the GT3 style which is now a Y pipe vs. the J pipe style.
This system includes the redesign of the intake pipe and the carbon heat shield and will include all hardware and also 2 cone filters.

997 X-Pipe Catbypass

-Fits all 997 Vehicles 2005-2008
-+12 HP +12.5 Lbs of Torque.
-Saves 10lbs from the rear end of the car.
-Fabspeed X-pipe catbypass will improve low-end torque and mid-range power dramatically.
-Perfect for racing and maximum power.
-Much better throttle response and more aggressive sports car sound.
-Used by many Rolex Grand Am Cup racing teams and PCA/POC/ DE racers.
-Easy on & Easy off installation and installation hardware included.
-FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY!" CEL may come on but car will run great.
-Optional 02 spacers available to keep C.E.L. off.

997 Dual-Style Muffler Tips

-Fits all 997 Vehicles 2005-2008
-Available in polished or black chrome, please specify when ordering.
-You CANNOT use Fabspeed’s Dual-Tips on the PSE Muffler.
-Fits both 997 "S" and 997 cars please specify 997 model. If you are ORDERING a Fabspeed 997 MAXFLO exhaust and WANT quad tips but have a regular 997 please specify 997 “S” maxflo for maximum power.
-These Dual Quad round style tips look amazing and are made from high quality T 304 stainless steel. The tips are mirror polished to a show car shine.
-Simple and easy bolt-on for all 997 and 997 “S” cars.
Please specify 997 or 997 “S” when ordering.
997 Muffler Bypass Pipes

-Fits all 997 Vehicles 2005-2008
-Simple bolt-on installation. Easy on & easy off.
-Used by many Rolex Grand Am Cup racing teams and PCA/POC/ DE racers
-Complies with Porsche Factory warranty. Fits all cars worldwide.
-LOUD and proud aggressive SUPERCUP style sound
-Saves 40lbs from the rear of your 997 and increases power and sports car sound. +12HP
-Saving weight from the rear from any rear engine Porsche is a HUGE benefit and gain in handling and performance as all that inertial weight is removed from the rearmost part of the 997.
-Specify 997 or 997 “S" when ordering!
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